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How to Install a Power Tailgate on Your Vehicle

Power tailgates are becoming increasingly popular and a great addition to any vehicle. Whether you want to make loading in groceries, sports equipment, or anything else easier, a power tailgate can do wonders for convenience. Even if you’re not very handy with tools or aren’t familiar with the process of installing something like this on your own, it doesn’t have to be intimidating! In this blog post we will provide step-by-step instructions on how to install a power tailgate safely and securely onto your car or truck – so read on and get ready to tackle this upgrade yourself!
Power tailgates are the newest automotive accessory to hit the market, and they make loading and unloading cargo easier than ever before. In general, a power tailgate system consists of a motor, usually located near the tailgate latch, an electronic switch on the dashboard or in a fob, and sensors that detect obstructions located around the tailgate. When activated via its switch or fob, the motor triggers either a up-down motion or tilt-lift motion depending on its design. This movement can be either manual or automatic which allows for hands free operation making it easy to access cargo from outside or inside the vehicle. With power tailgates, you no longer need to worry about having difficulty opening and closing heavy ends as with traditional tailgates!
Identify the type of tailgate mounting hardware needed for installation 
Installing a tailgate is one of the most popular DIY projects for truck enthusiasts. Knowing which type of mounting hardware you need is essential for successful and secure installation. Depending on what kind of truck you have, the tailgate mounting hardware may include self-tapping screws, bolts with lockwashers and nuts, or flush mount cam latches. It's important to refer to your owner's manual to determine the exact type of mounting hardware recommended for your vehicle. Most importantly, make sure you choose durable quality parts that won't corrode or rust over time. With the correct tailgate mounting hardware, you can install a safe and reliable tailgate in no time!
Research to find the best power tailgate for your make and model of car 
Before you invest in a power tailgate for your car, it is important to research your make and model to find the best option. The right power tailgate will fit seamlessly with your vehicle, making installation easy and providing reliable performance over its lifetime. Taking some time to research will also reveal potential deals or discounts that can help save money while still getting quality parts and services. With a bit of effort focused on research, you can make an informed decision that fits the unique needs of your car and lifestyle.

Ultimately, having a power tailgate can drastically improve the convenience and overall appearance of your vehicle. Installing a power tailgate may seem like an intimidating task, but understanding the components, researching the types of mounting hardware, and finding the best power tailgate for your make and model, makes it possible to make this important accessory an integral part of your car or truck. Power tailgates are unique in their ability to add functionality to each drive; plus, they add an element of style that sets your vehicle apart when you arrive at any destination. Making sure you have all the right information is key to having a successful installation process—but once accomplished, you’ll be able to enjoy improved ease and convenience that comes with having a power tailgate in no time!


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